The Ultimate Outfit Design Hack

(2 minute read)

Designing an outfit for a special occasion or even just daily activities can be a challenge. For some even a chore. It requires a lot of thinking to get an outfit just right. The most successful people in life are the ones who know how to build habits, routines and systems around things they don’t want to have to think about. The more you can automate something, the less brain bandwidth it takes, freeing your mind to focus on things you may deem more important. Barack Obama was famous for wearing the same suit every day (not literally; the same colour and designer). Steve Jobs had his uniform of blue denim and a black turtleneck. Why? Because having a system for getting dressed in the morning stopped them having to think about it and wasting valuable mental energy before they start their unimaginably busy days.

I’m not suggesting you wear the same thing every day, I use those references as an example. I am however, suggesting that a system for designing an outfit can make the whole process much more efficient.

The greatest outfit design hack for me personally is to always start planning an outfit with the trousers. Trousers will determine how formal or casual you are dressed. They also determine which shoes you can and can’t wear, winning half the battle almost instantly. If you begin planning an outfit around a black blazer, the options are limitless and too much choice is no choice.

Trouser selection is the cornerstone to any well designed outfit and if you start there, the rest will fall into place almost seamlessly. Try it tomorrow and reap the rewards of effortless style using my ultimate outfit design hack.