The Rising Mullet Trend


We began to notice the rising trend of mullets a while back after an influx of retro 70s and 70s inspired haircuts in 2018 and 2019 – it felt almost inevitable we would see the mullet return.


I actually touched on this trend at Salon International 2019 doing our friend Carywn’s hair in the modern mullet style. We talked about rising trends in hair for the upcoming seasons and the mullet was starting to take off already.


So what is a mullet? It can be a lot of different styles and worn in many ways but the defining feature of a mullet is a longer length at the back of the neck. This length has to obviously be the focal point of the haircut.


The modern mullets we’ve seen most recently such as on Mylie Cyrus are more of a progression from a 70s shape with extra length through the back. The cuts would be considered more ‘Rock n Roll’ as opposed to the Pat Sharp mullets of the 80s.


Once we reopened after the first lockdown in July 2020 we had over 3 months of growth to work with so the options for mullets were almost endless and we noticed a lot of people wanting to keep their necks warm. It’s no longer taboo to talk about mullets in the barbershop so feel free to open the discussion with your stylist.


The modern mullet is so flexible and can be tailored to a lot of different hair textures, wavy and curly both work great as well as with straight hair. It can be worn with a fringe or without, with hair on the sides or shaved. A mullet can be styled in many ways for different looks so whether you’re a rocker, goth, skater or trendy, I’m sure you can sport a bit of party in the back.


If you’ve ever wanted to rock a mullet there’s never been a better time.


Words by Matt Dryden