The New Look & Feel

Since we decided to branch out on our own and move into a new premises, we thought we’d use that opportunity to slightly re brand. We wanted to give the look of the company more of a nod to its Ancient Greek roots and a more expensive feel to it all.

We sat down with Darren Cooper ( @zeroninemedia ) and expressed our concerns about our image getting lost amongst a lot of similarly branded, new wave of barbershops, that were springing up all over. We bought with us some sketches of our own and some of our biggest inspirations in a mood board for Darren to go away and do what he does best.

After us initially wanting a whole new brand, Darren advised us that the current logo was, in fact right for us, it just needed some finishing touches and maybe something extra to give it that expensive touch we were after. We also collectively agreed that maybe too much of a change of branding may make people not resonate with the company in the same way.

Darren came back to us with his edits to the current design and we were blown away. He also added the monogram which is something that we didn’t even think about but after expressing to Darren about our inspirations behind our brand being high fashion labels he did his own research and realised they all had some form of monogram. This is something that can be instantly recognisable as the brand grows.

With the full logo Darren made some adjustments that we thought may give the whole thing more of a nod to Ancient Greece. As you can see below we’ve changed the prefix over the final letter from ‘é’ to ‘ê’ . After a lot of research around 3 years ago into the word it became apparent that there were multiple ways of spelling it and all of them were in fact correct (Arete/Areté/Aretê). Purely for aesthetic purposes we decided to change that letter to feel a little more Ancient Greek.

The Pursuit Of Excellence means we will never stop growing and evolving and we will never stop trying to make our brand and the services we offer better in any way we can. So keep your eye out for our new branding online and on the high street in our new store!

words by Matt Dryden