The Aretê Unofficial Guide To Being A Man

Below is some practical and perhaps some could argue comical insights that may guide the modern man’s life in the pursuit of excellence.

. Exercise every day. It’s a form of mediation and prepares you mentally for the day ahead.

. Always say less than necessary.

. Always try your best. Exhaust every avenue and change your approach when necessary.

. Yes, of course you have to buy her dinner.

. There is no such thing as a self made man. Your network is your net worth.

. Read more than just Facebook.

. Prepare for the worst outcomes every single day. Your travel to work may consist of a smelly, loud individual sat right on top of you. It’s not that bad if you’re mentally prepared for it.

. You will never have a critic doing better than you.

. Forgiveness comes easier than permission.

. If you’re leaving the house today dress like you’re going to meet the love of your life or your worst enemy.

. If you’re staying home, try practicing living a simple life and eating a very simple diet. Practice self control for tougher times ahead.

. We’re all slowly dying, time is running out so get up, get dressed and get to work.

. One girlfriend at a time is probably enough.

. You can’t control what people say so don’t waste your time becoming irritated by them.

. If you are funnier than you are handsome, drink in bars and avoid noisy clubs.

. When someone insults you, examine the statement. If it’s true, improve yourself and thank them for pointing out a flaw. If it isn’t true, then it isn’t true, why are you insulted?

. Gambling shouldn’t be fun. Only gamble when it’s boring, when you know you will win.

. Stop name dropping.

. Get in peak physical condition before you are 30. Stay there.

. Everything is borrowed. Always remind yourself of this, because anything at anytime can be taken away from you and it quite often is.

. Be a risk taker, nothing will turn her off more than being boring.

. Respect the three date rule.

. Always be a good person. Someone could cut off your hand or worse, your hair, but they can’t cut off your morals.

. Never let anyone have to ask for money that you owe them.

. Try to do at least one good deed a day that doesn’t involve handing over money.

. Time is too short to do things you don’t like.

. Never take an ex back. She tried to do better and is settling with you.

. Go out on your own and talk to a stranger every now and again.

. No-one cares about your opinions.

. Stop taking so many selfies.

. Anger solves nothing, and generally arises from your incorrect perception of the situation. Don’t react to situations, respond to them.

. Analyse your day before you get into bed. What did you do that day that didn’t abide to your values? Improve on them tomorrow.

. Remember that it could always be worse.

. No-one likes you as much as you think they do.

. Act like you have been there before. Whether at the Queen’s Palace or behind a DJ booth, look like you belong there.

. Never stay out after midnight three nights in a row. Unless something spontaneous comes up on the third.

. If she expects the man you are 20% of the time 100% of the time then she probably doesn’t want you.

. There is always another level. Never settle.