‘Steeze’ – Style With Ease

(3 minute read)

Style with ease aka steeze is something we can find every day on the street. It’s the feeling when you see someone and think “wow they’re cool” but can’t quite put your finger on what it is that’s exactly so endearing. They may not have the newest brightest trainers on, or the most expensive jewellery however they still manage to turn your head and you just want to know more about them.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about I’d like to go through some iconic celebrities that manage to pull off that ‘steeze’ look. Whether or not they’re conscious of how stylish they are or not is the attractive quality to their appearance, we will never know and apparently they don’t know either.

Kurt Cobain

One of the most easily recognisable celebrities that carry off style with ease would be Kurt Cobain. It seemed like he really didn’t think about what he wore. Kurt would just throw on a baggy striped t-shirt, some loose fitting jeans, a pair of converse and some accessories and would look incredible. By not trying too hard he managed to create his own style that has been emulated most recently by Justin Bieber and lots of other musicians that appreciate Kurt’s effortless style.

Shia Labeouf

Not looking like you care about your appearance is a common denominator when we talk about steeze. And Shia labeouf is a shining example of this rule. Whether or not he does put thought into his outfits before he leaves the house we’ll never know, but the ambiguity is what’s so attractive about his style. A simple hiking style with lots of layers and accessories really make it look like Shia is on a mission. Contrasting colours and the perfect amount of wear and tear on his footwear add to the ‘idgaf’ attitude towards his personal dress.

Jonah Hill:

It seems like shifting a lot of his weight has given Jonah Hill a new lease of life when it comes to style. He obviously feels more comfortable in his skin to dress the way he’s always wanted to. Following on from Shia Labeouf seemed like the perfect transition as it would seem Jonah has taken a leaf or two out of his book. With the upcoming release of his directorial debut, Mid90s, it seems Jonah has gone back to his 90s roots with the looser fitting clothing which seems to work in his favour.

These examples definitely highlight the commonly heard expression “it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it”. Layering up items of clothing (something that is much easier in the winter) and not wearing colours that match too obviously will help you achieve that ‘steeze’ look yourself. Accessorising your outfits with numerous textures can help you achieve that effortlessly cool look as well.

Words by Matt Dryden