The word Aretê – (pronounced ah-reh-tey) has it’s origins in ancient Greece, where it was perceived as meaning ‘excellence of any kind’. Aretê appears frequently throughout Greek writing, but it was Aristotle’s Doctrine Of The Mean that flowered a more modern and widely accepted definition of the word. Aristotle’s writing was not just about the contemplation of good living, but also about a way to create a good life. Aretê from this point onward was not only a definition of excellence in a man but also became the description of a life in the pursuit of it.

As a brand, Aretê is built around the belief that excellence of any kind, whether in character or profession, is not one grand act or even a handful of large acts, but a sustained pursuit of more noble things. We believe in the notion in that ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything.’ Excellence can only come from every single act taken to the best of your knowledge and ability, big or small. Aretê stands for our commitment to the pursuit of excellence in men’s grooming and lifestyle.

Our Story

Blending traditional and classic barbering with more modern, contemporary men’s hairdressing and skin care: Aretê is a value based brand with a passionate and committed team of male grooming specialists. We’re focused on developing lasting relationships with as many of you great men as possible and working together to bring your identity to life, whilst offering truly memorable experiences in the process.

We believe barbering isn’t just about helping men to look the way they want to look. Aretê is an idea that transcends male grooming into a way of life. This idea is that a man’s image doesn’t just represent his personality – it showcases his identity. On the surface, a man’s style and presentation choices give insight to his tastes and to his interests. But on a deeper level, a man’s style and presentation choices give the world a window into his beliefs, and to his character.

At Aretê, we are not just concerned for learning about your hair, or your skin, your fashion tastes, or your interests. We want to learn about who you are and how you want the world to perceive you. Only then can we use our knowledge and skills to take your image in the direction that most suits.

We believe that men who strive for excellence in the small things are the ones who achieve excellence in the grander things. Observing this pattern has not only inspired the inception of our brand – it’s been the driving force for us professionally and personally ever since.

We look forward to meeting you.