Josh’s Style Icons

David Beckham

David Beckham ticks all the boxes for me. He gives time and energy to charitable causes, he’s had an impeccable career, makes timeless style choices, blessed with great hair, remains family orientated and to top it all off, he’s British to his core.

I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t inspired by David Beckham to be honest. Growing up in the 90’s, how could a young boy not have been. As I aged, so did my understanding of what a role model should be, and this man is a fine example of a well lived life.

What inspires me most about his image is his ability to look good in anything. Dinner jacket and bow tie or jeans and a beanie, he wears it well. This fits my idea of how style works best. Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. Although Becks isn’t always the most fashionable man, his outfits consistently look well crafted. That to me, is a true definition of style.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford inspires me on so many levels. His personality is felt in every single aspect of the brand he’s built around his love for elegance. Fragrances and cosmetics right through to screen directing. His presence is undeniably felt.

What I love about Tom Ford’s wardrobe choices and grooming are again centered around style over fashion. He has the ability to make any outfit look like it’s worth a billion pounds, but it’s the Tom Ford unifrom I love so much. Almost always seen in a black 2 button suit with a white shirt, aviators, black shiny shoes and a perfect 5 o’clock shadow. He shows us that looking good is about knowing what makes you look good, not about trying hard to look good.

Asap Rocky

As unconventional a choice as it may seem, Asap Rocky to me represents the evolution of what it means to be a stylish man. His ability to adapt any outfit for any situation is unparalleled. Streetwear could not be any further from the street in today’s society. With Louis Vuitton recently collaborating with Supreme and rumours they may have bought the company for £500 million. Plus, Dior making Asap the face of their menswear brand, I don’t think i’m the only person seeing a shift in what is regarded as the finest way to dress as a modern man.

Asap has the ability to make tailoring look completely unique and cool without losing the sophistication. He works a similar magic on a t-shirt and jeans and makes it completely his own. What I love is he’s showing us that today a man needs to know how to do both. Deciding which belt will go with your shoes just isn’t enough these days.

Richard Biedul

Richard Biedul is my go to man for inspiration. In my opinion he has to be one of the best dressed men on the planet. That’s even before we get to his perfectly – unperfect hair and a beard that has a grey pigmentation on the chin some men would kill for. He gets it right from head to toe, apparently even genetically.

His outfits are the perfect example of how a man’s clothes shouldn’t match, but compliment each other. A man’s ability to look good and also make it look like an accident is what sets him apart in the style arena.

It doesn’t take a genius to pick out a nice suit or coat. The skill is wearing it without looking inferior to it. An outfit should enhance a man’s presence in a subtle way and not be the only thing that gets him noticed.

This is what I’m trying to learn from Richard Biedul.

Michael Cain

Michael Caine is the icon of icons, there was no way I was leaving him off this list. The king of cool back in the 60’s, coming into the limelight at the same time as Vidal Sassoon. Good friends and also housemates for a while there’s no wonder he has always sported the perfect classic mens haircut.

Blending all the best bits of classic Savile Row tailoring with a casual Italian influence and thick rimmed glasses. Sir Michael Caine is the most fine example I can think of as to what it is to be a well presented British gentleman.