How To Select The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

(2 minute read)

Spring is finally here and the sun is making a pretty timid appearance so far but things are certainly looking bright for want of a better word. Typically this means one thing for us Brits. The beer garden is beginning to call. Inevitably this means we’re slowly ditching the coats and umbrellas we’ve been used to on this long, slow Winter – and fishing through our top drawer for that favourite pair of sunnies.

Holiday season is just around the corner and no trip through the airport is quite the same without indulging in some duty free spending. New fragrances and new sunglasses tend to be the mark of a successful trip. So for those of you thinking about upgrading your collection, let me give you my advice on how to select the right sunglasses for your face shape.


The key to making any face shape work when choosing a pair of frames is by aiming for balance. If your face shape is even in width and height but you have a very chiseled jaw then the key to styling it right is to soften the defined lines. Select something that is softer and more round and try to avoid glasses with very heavy frames. A thin metal frame with a circular lense will suit this face shape best.


The beauty of having an oval face is that it’s the most balanced of bone structures. This means that most styles, if not all of them will suit you. Typically an Aviator looks great or any oversized and bold frame will work well. But as I said before most; if not all styles will achieve a balanced and flattering look.


The goal here is to add definition to your features. Therefore, select frames that are very angular and try to be as bold as possible. Adding structure and corners to your face will create a much more masculine shape.


An oblong or rectangular face shape tends to be very strong at the jaw but longer than it is wide. A very masculine face shape for a man. Try and select angular frames and avoid rounder or circular shapes. I would lean further towards glasses that sit lower down the face shape to drag attention to the centre of your face.


A triangular face shape is very top heavy and narrow towards the jaw. So again if the goal is to create balance, try and find glasses with a broader bottom area to the frame. Thin frames work well here or even clear plastic frames so as to not add even more width to the wider top area of your face.


A diamond face shape tends to be very wide at the cheekbones and narrow at the forehead and jaw. A difficult bone structure to compliment with sunglasses. All hope is not lost though – look out for top heavy and rounder frames to draw attention away from the higher forehead and add a slight softness to those very sharp cheekbones. Almost the opposite of a triangular face shape.

Sunglasses come in many different shapes and sizes, so selecting the right one sometimes can be difficult. As much as an understanding of your bone structure can help you make an informed decision. No analysis can compare to just trying a few pairs on. If it feels right and looks good then go for it. Just remember, the overall goal is to create a balanced silhouette. Achieve this and it’s a mission complete.

Words by Josh O’Callaghan