How To Maintain Healthy Looking Skin

(4 minute read)

A bit of colour in your cheeks makes the world of difference, and the occasional “You’re looking well” thrown in your direction always perks up the day whenever it is received. Lifestyle is as key as the products you are using in obtaining and maintaining healthy looking skin, and here are a some guidelines as to how to give your visage some vitality.

1. Moisturise: For me, this is the single most important thing you can do every day to keep your face looking firm and making you look and feel alive each day. Applying good moisturiser to your face after you’ve dried yourself from a morning’s shower will instantly get things working after that blood has started pumping for your day. Keihl’s Facial Fuel Energising Moisturiser is perhaps the best product out there for the job. Containing caffeine, menthol and an abundance of vitamins, massaging a small dollop of this onto your damp face will make you not only feel much fresher, but also make you look noticeably more healthy. An essential

2. Exfoliate: You would be amazed at what your skin traps and contains on a day to day basis, especially those working in busy and populous cities such as London or Los Angeles, where air pollution is a big problem. Exfoliating on a regular basis will ensure that dirt trapped in the pores will be cleansed as well as shedding dead skin, leaving you not only looking more healthy, but giving your skin a softer feel. Elemis Skin Buff is one of the best out there, using ultra-fine exfoliating granules that go deep to leave a brighter and more vibrant complexion. Use a couple of a times a week for best results.

3. Cut out the alcohol: There’s not much worse for a man’s complexion than the excessive intake of alcohol – a shiny red nose and veiny, cracked, red cheeks were never a good look for anyone. Boozing dries out the skin and ages you more than most things – a quick look around your local pub will confirm that. It may seem boring and dull advice, but it’s tried and tested and actually works – drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated will give you a much better appearance. Nourish your body from the inside to see the effects on the outside. Ditch the fags, too.

4. Keep Trim and Tidy: Whether you’re completely clean shaven, have a bit of stubble or sport a full blown beard (I thought that fad was over?), keeping well groomed and on top of it is key to appearing healthy and looking after your skin. If you’re going completely clean shaven every day then invest in a good razor blade and shaving gel, to go gently on your skin. Elemis Skin Soothe Shave Gel stops the skin flaring up and provides and ease of shave. Investing in a decent pair of tweezers for in-grown hairs and the odd single hair is also good attention to detail. If you insist on the beard, then make sure it’s trimmed and well groomed. Going to see your barber regularly and getting them to do the job will provide best results. How well kept your facial hair is can be the difference between looking well groomed or looking as if you’ve just given up. Make sure you’re not the latter.

5. Exercise Outdoors: The benefits of which will pay off in so many ways, not only physically but mentally too. Whether you’re swimming at you local sports club or hiking in the hills, being outdoors and facing the elements is what we were built for, and our bodies are made to handle it. Regular exercise outdoors will show results within a matter of weeks, with the blood flow making you not only feel better but also showing on your face too. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the sun, then a simple walk every day for half an hour will see immediate benefits to your skin appearance and mood. Most moisturisers now come with an SPF option, meaning you’re covered for sun protection and won’t burn.

6. Steam and Sauna: Something the Scandinavians have known for years, the benefit of a good steam and sauna on your pores. Most health clubs will have these and we recommend that you use them on a regular basis to sweat out the toxicity in your skin and to leave it feeling noticeably tighter and fresher. Finish off with a quick burst of cold shower afterwards for best effect.

Words by Tom Wardle