How To Get Out Of A Hair Rut

(2 minute read)

For a lot of us picking a hairstyle we’re happy with long term tends be a decision made in our youth. As we age, so do our preferences; and also so does our hair. It’s not then too uncommon to fall into a rut with our hair style and over time become more and more dissatisfied with our manes. Knowing that a few small changes to your hair and your routine can dramatically improve your image, helping you to fall back in love with your hair – make this a simple rut to climb out of.


Start with a thorough critique. Spend some time looking in the mirror and ask yourself what you truly like and dislike about your hair. Like your skin, your hair ages and your hairstyles should compliment that. Does your current hairstyle choice compliment the abundance (or lack of) hair that you have? Has your hair texture changed as you’ve aged? Get a feel for how your hair style and hair relate. Clinging onto the hairstyle you selected when you were 18 may be the reason you’re not enjoying it so much now.

Arm Yourself

Start curating some reference material. Create a board on Pinterest of hairstyles that you favor. Scan through men’s style and fashion magazines and look for ad campaigns of the fashion houses you admire to see how they style their models. Inspiration can only be taken, not given: therefore the more references you have, the more you will start to understand what you would like to aim for and what can be achieved with your hair type.

Change Your Barber

Having the right hair stylist is important. When you’re visiting them and handing over your hard earned money every 3 – 4 weeks, it’s a good idea to have someone you trust. Find someone on your wavelength and who you feel understands you. More importantly, someone you know has an idea of what will suit you. Don’t be afraid to ask friends for recommendations and use social media to find someone or somewhere that you feel you can connect with and build a lasting relationship.

Dress For Success

Your stylist will respond to your character and your dress sense. Turning up looking the way you want to look is the only way to make sure you and your barber can connect on your desires. Turning up straight out of bed could give the wrong impression as to how you wish to be perceived. Put some effort in when visiting the barbershop or hair salon and you’ll be amazed at the difference this can make.

Don’t Try To Be Trendy

High street and fast fashion trends are for women and teenagers. A man’s job is to look tasteful not trendy. One of the fastest ways to fall out of love with your hair is to try and emulate men half your age. Classic haircuts will always provide longevity, a hair rut isn’t an excuse to try that creative haircut or colour you’ve been pondering on for years. There is a reason the short back and sides has been around for so long and it’s because it is simple and effective. Take influence from trends but never blindly follow them just for the sake of being ‘trendy’.