Body Hair – Yes or No?

(3 minute read)

Dare I say it, Summer is approaching rapidly. We’ve been cruising through Spring and enjoying the beautiful British beer gardens whenever we can. However, as much as we love our British summers, we all crave some proper sun at times. Holiday season may be in full swing for you already but if not i’m sure it’s just around the corner. Which inevitably begs the question: what should your manscaping habits be, and how much body hair should you have – if any? I’m sure you’ve already gone ahead and joined the gym and started the obligatory crash diet to get washboard abs in 6 weeks. But why go through all that effort to fall at the final hurdle because you’re belly button fur isn’t in check. Fear not my friend as we’ve got you covered. We decided to find out exactly what women want when it comes to a man’s body hair.

The team at Prim and Prep – a blog dedicated to helping men look and feel their best by offering expert grooming advice, decided they were going to get to the bottom of the question by conducting a nationwide survey of over 300 women of varying ages and demographics. Having studied the results i’ll share here with you some of the most useful findings, so that you can have an edge next time you hit the beach or spend the night with that special someone.

Having the options of clean shaven, medium or heavy chest hair to choose from, i’m not surprised to learn that 60% of women across all demographics preferred men to have a medium amount of hair on their chest. Interestingly, a much higher percentage of women in relationships preferred their man to have a clean shaven chest (45% vs 29%). With only a very small amount of people stating they liked a man to have a heavy bustle on their chest (6% overall), i’d strongly suggest giving that area a good tidy up before stepping foot on a beach or into the bedroom with a new romantic interest.

When asked to rank what type of grooming is most important for a partner to maintain. Women answered in order of priority: nose/ear hair, pubic hair, back hair, finger/toe nails and lastly the rest of your body hair (armpits, abdomen, legs etc). With only 14% of women claiming well maintained back hair is the most important aspect, it’s still a very good idea to keep that rug in order if you want top marks from the opposite sex. Funnily enough our armpit, abdomen and other body hair came bottom of the pile in terms of importance. As little as 10% of the women surveyed thought that was the area you should put most of your effort. However on the flipside, 60% of the women surveyed want a man to stay on top of his ear and nose hair more than anything else.

In conclusion, most women like a man to look and feel like a man when it comes to body hair but at the same time want him to make some effort to be presentable. Your current or future love interests go through a lot of effort and probably pain to stay smooth and attractive for you. So there’s no surprise that they expect you to be applying some thought to how you look with no clothes on. I’ve avoided the topic of pubic hair because unless you’re heading to a nudist beach I hardly think it’s relevant to your next holiday. Besides, if you need me or a survey to tell you, you should be keeping that region under close inspection then I doubt you’ve read this far anyway you lazy boy. Happy holidays!

Words by Josh O’Callaghan