Baxter Of California – Life Lived True

(2 minute read)

Baxter Of California products are designed for the modern man with an active lifestyle. Their enthesis is on premium products that allow you to be you. Baxter don’t just stop at the surface of haircare and skincare, they go deeper, creating products that they believe give men the power to express themselves through healthy looking skin and unique hair – or in their own words, helping men to create a “life lived true”.

Launched in 1965 and celebrating more than 50 years of providing men with premium products without pretentiousness. Baxter Finley was one of the pioneers in men’s specific haircare and skincare. Kiehl’s were the first to launch a men’s range in 1961.

With their flagship barbershop in West Hollywood, the team of expert groomers proudly test any new formulas before they reach the market. Using a large amount of good quality natural ingredients is just another reason we love Baxter Of California at Areté.

Whether you have tried Baxter Of California products or not, it’s hard to challenge their position as one of the stand out brands for men’s grooming. Having all of your hair and skin needs covered by a brand we trust is why we proudly stock and endorse Baxter products.

To us, a haircut isn’t just a haircut. It’s a piece of who you are and a chance to show the world how you think and how you want to be perceived. Just like when we choose a t-shirt or a jacket that helps us signal our tastes and what we believe. Our grooming habits (good or bad) give us the same opportunity to express what we think and feel about ourselves. With such a strong belief in how important haircare and skincare is – it was essential that we used only the finest products at Areté to help us, and you, achieve success.

Words by Joshua O’Callaghan