Aretê Expansion

We’re sorry to be closed during this unprecedented time as the world continues to fight Covid – 19. How humbling that we can all be brought to our knees by something none of us can even see. All we can say is please don’t let tough times go to waste. There will be something valuable to come from this pandemic in the form of a lesson or opportunity of some kind, your job is to find it.

The good news is that when we return to normality Aretê will be back with a bang. We have quietly been working on a new and improved  home for your favorite grooming parlor. Albeit the virus has thrown a spanner in the works, we will be doing everything we can to make sure the wait is worth it. Our goal is to never stop growing and adapting to improve your experience. Keep a look out on socials and here on the blog to learn more about what’s to come in the new and improved Aretê male grooming parlor.