5 Style Shifts For 2018

(3 minute read)

This year will be bringing a lot of changes to men’s fashion. After spotting some key shifts at this seasons runway shows, I wanted to give you fashion focused individuals a quick insight into the biggest trends happening this year for men’s style.

Corduroy Is Back

Prada had a large amount of corduroy in their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection and that trend looks set to continue through all of 2018. Brown hues and nude colours work great if you’re going for that vintage look. Balenciaga named their latest collection ‘Dadcore’ so better still; just check your Dad’s wardrobe to stay on trend!

Ditch The Skinnies

Wide leg trousers and flared bottoms are a trend you need to get into this year. Pleated trousers are set to be revived, always balance the wider leg with a high waistline. A skinny belt will also complement this look and work well with the retro style.

Invest In Some Socks:

Stock up on socks this winter to complete your outfit. The no-sock and cropped trousers combo that has been huge these last few years is now on it’s way out. Stay ahead of the game.

Layer Up

Adding multiple layers to your outfit not only adds more texture and elements to your look but will also keep you warm in the winter, win-win. A roll neck under a blazer topped with a trench coat and multiple accessories is a great way to add character to a simple outfit.

Get Ready For Oversized Trench Coats

Along with the 80s revival happening at the moment comes the wide shoulder trench coats that were hugely popular in that era. Calvin Klein, with Raf Simons now at the helm, had numerous oversized trench coats with big shoulders on their Autumn/Winter 2018 runway show. Charity shops are always packed with these if you want to save a quid or two.

I hope these insights into where I see men’s fashion heading help to give your wardrobe a little boost for the next winter season. Let’s make this year a stylish one!